Have you ever asked yourself...

Why do decision-makers of German SME often not seem to attend (even very decent) networking events?

How do I find a suitable business partner in Germany anyway?

How do I convince a German contact to enter into business relations with my company?

Business Culture rules.

Just like the Oktoberfest is a very German peculiarity - our business culture and work habits in Germany are different from your home country. Not better or worse - just different!

Plus a true understanding of your future partner’s motivation and culture are more essential than business people sometimes like to think. And you do unfortunately not gain it overnight.

However, differences can be overcome. Thriving long-term partnerships can be built.

With some good genuine interest and sincere open attitude - what it still takes is a bit of cultural awareness and know-how and with the latter - I would love to help:

The 12 rules of German Business Culture is a quick and honest review for people interested in doing business in Germany or with Germans.

It's a practical, strictly no bullshit guide file with my fundamental rules of business based on years of relevant experience.

Some may sound obvious at first but - trust me - still get ignored often enough. A few apply to the German business world primarily while others are actually universal.

All of these 12 are absolutely essential though for sustainable success with German customers and decent, worthwhile repeat business. For every one of the rules you will find hands-on suggestions many of which you can start working with right away. can be a beginner’s guide - or a useful reminder to anybody who has already entered the journey of doing business in Germany successfully.

12 important rules - so the guide file will come to you with 12 neat chapters, no longer than two pages each. 

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